Adding SSL encryption with Let's Encrypt!

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Getting your own site up and running with ssl encryption (secure socket layer) is very easy these days. It has a few benefits that are worth the 5 minutes you’ll spend to set it up. I’m using the backend environment of my hosting provider, Vimexx (recommended) which is called DirectADMIN. This is like a web control panel interface for a server / hosting environment. Inside this backend it is possible to request a free Let’s Encrypt ssl certificate and a private key. Letting things propagate for a few minutes, and it should be possible to access your site with https instead of http after a while. You’ll receive a confirmation prompt in DirectADMIN and an email from Let’s Encrypt when succesfull.

Note: If you’re using HUGO for your site like I do, make sure to change the baseurl field to https in the config.toml of your site and rebuild – otherwise the site won’t be rendered correctly when using https since the configuration in which you built it, used http

Added value

  • Google cares about https – it is a SEO ranking factor (not a hugo one, but still)

  • Data flow between the server and the user of this site is now encrypted!

  • The little (green) padlock in my browser! YAY!


Supposedly it can be a little bit slower because of the encryption, but in the case of this blog I doubt users (or search engines) would notice any difference.

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