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A Digital native, I too remember a life without access to the internet. Having access to the web from around age 12, I grew up with the web I’ve always enjoyed the expression that a site can give to the publisher and users. Given the prevalance and negative impact of services like Facebook and Google on society but also the web, I prefer to post on my self-hosted, simple, static website that I also use for CV purposes and to test SEO / SEA. I built this site using Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. It is written in markdown and is super fast and safe.

It makes use of a variety of open source projects including:

Learn more and contribute on GitHub.

I’ve found HUGO and other static site generators not suitable for novices, but if you can work with a text editor, a FTP server and have some basic HTML, CSS and internet knowledge you can manage your own site that is super fast to generate and requires no database at all! Therefore it cannot be “hacked” as such with social engineering or password stealing and remains fast and easily indexed by search engines. The only thing is: it doesn’t support (yet)a fully fledged CMS, so you’ll need some text editing to get your content online.